About This App

This Account App let's you upgrade your account such that it can be used by the services offered by us.

By upgrading your account with this app, you will:

  1. allow us to post under your name and
  2. allow us to vote under your name.
At no times will we be able to access any of your funds in your account.

Upgrade Account

Technical Details

Every account on STEEM constitutes three permissions: owner, active, and posting. The latter is used to authorize your password, a cryptographic key or another user to post with this particular account.

Your password authorizes you to post with this account.

In order to let us use your account, this app will install the streemian account into the posting permission.

This gives us posting and voting permission for your account

You can remove the streemian account at any time using this app

Active Private Key Requirements

Since new posting authorities can only be added to your account if the transaction is signed by the active key, it is required that you provide either the password or the active private key to your account. However, because this particular key has access to your funds, we have taken some pre-cautions to prevent your funds from leaving your account:

  1. Open Source App: This app is open source and can be reviewed by clicking on the banner in the top right corner
  2. Downloadable App: This app can be downloaded entirely an be run locally using the releases on github.
  3. Key doesn't leave browser: This app is written in such a way that the private key/password doesn't leave your browser. The transaction to change your account is generated and signed in the browser. No further communication besides reading your account data and broadcasting the change is required
  4. No Storage: This app does not store the password or the private key your provided on your computer or anywhere else.

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